[physfs] Physfs and MFC, anyone had any success?

Tony Kennedy - Ventana Systems UK tony at ventanasystems.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 10:52:10 EDT 2007

>> > 	PHYSFS_file *myfile = PHYSFS_openRead(strMyOLDCompundFile);
>> > 	CFile *pFile = new CFile((FILE*)myfile);
>> A PHYSFS_file is not a FILE, you can't cast between them.
>> --ryan.

Thanks. I have managed to get it working now (I had to read the file into
memory, then create an ILockBytes interface before using the function
StgOpenStorageOnILockBytes (most of this is my first exposure to these
things (lots of trial and error))). If anyone is interested in opening a MFC
CDocument derived file from within a physfs archive, feel free to email me.

All the best,


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