Physfs and MFC, anyone had any success?

Tony Kennedy - Ventana Systems UK tony at
Wed Jun 20 04:29:40 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I've created an archive that contains MFC OLE compound documents. I am
having a lot of trouble reading them directly from the archive, I tried the
following (which I hoped would work).

	PHYSFS_file *myfile = PHYSFS_openRead(strMyOLDCompundFile);

	CFile *pFile = new CFile((FILE*)myfile);
	CArchive *pArchive = new CArchive(pFile,CArchive::load);

	*pDoc = new CMyDocument();

Has anyone done anything similar? I have also tried reading the file from
the archive to a buffer, creating a Cmemfile and attaching the memory to
that before reading from the Carchive. No joy.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance. If I cannot read directly from
the archive I will just have to extract the files and read from disc, but
reading directly would be the cleanest solution for what I need to do.


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