[physfs] windows eccentricities...

Miles Vignol mvignol at earthlink.net
Wed May 4 20:26:51 EDT 2005

From: "Ryan C. Gordon" <icculus at clutteredmind.org>
> PhysicsFS assumes you aren't going to be providing any meaningful access 
> to the native filesystem (i.e. - a file picker dialog and such).

okay, so that's pretty much how i was thinking things worked.  my problem is 
that i'm working on an app for which i'd like to provide a file picker box. 
i understand the target audience for physFS isn't exactly app designers, so 
maybe it's just not in the cards.  but given the work that's gone into 
physFS, it seems like the tools are probably 90% there.  exposing/adding 
direct access routines and a sane conversion of file-paths would be the 
final 10%, it seems to me... of course, if i was such an expert on such 
matters, i'd do it myself, so i could be speaking out of school here.

-miles vignol
fathom entertainment

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