[physfs] windows eccentricities...

Miles Vignol mvignol at earthlink.net
Tue May 3 20:44:23 EDT 2005

cool... i'll have to take a peek at the latest version, then.  is it only 
available thru cvs?

-miles vignol
fathom entertainment

From: "Adam D. Moss" <adam at gimp.org>
> Most of this has always been in PhysicsFS, as a side-effect of
> PhysicsFS's API always using unix-like filenames and being able
> to virtually mount directories as well as archives.
> The remainder ('/driveC' sort of stuff) is also covered as of
> recently, in the CVS version as a side-effect of mount point
> support.
> Regards,
> --Adam
> -- 
> Adam D. Moss   -   adam at gimp.org 

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