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Miles Vignol mvignol at
Tue May 3 19:41:57 EDT 2005

is it within the scope of physfs to sort out the differences between 
window's file system and more sane file systems?  for example, would a 
standardized mapping from windows style file names ("c:\folder\file.ext") to 
unix/osx ("/folder/file.ext") be worthy of adding to physfs?  obviously, 
there would be some issues in how you'd deal with drive letters, but by 
folding that into physfs, perhaps a reasonable standard could be achieved.

by incorporating such conversions, it would also make sense for enumeration 
of "/" to return drive letters access points (whatever they may convert to) 
to mirror unix's behavior of returning mounted file systems.  this implies 
that converting from the windows filename "c:" should probably be someting 
like "/driveC" or some other "top-level" looking drive name.  or maybe "c:" 
isn't even really the top level... windows is a bit convoluted in this 

beyond the scope?

-miles vignol
fathom entertainment

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