[physfs] code mangling update...

Philip D. Bober wildfire1138 at mchsi.com
Sun Sep 26 20:49:28 EDT 2004

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> I've just wrapped up a round of source code mangling...a lot of
> reworking I've been wanting to do for awhile is done.
> 1) Archiver interface is much simpler
> 2) Less allocations and junk
> 3) Less complexity in physfs.c
> The diffs are nasty, but I think it was worth it...the code is at least
> a little less intimidating to the uninitiated now.  :)
> I also changed PHYSFS_file to PHYSFS_File, since it didn't match the
> rest of the API's naming convention. Don't worry, there's a typedef in
> physfs.h for legacy source, so nothing should break.
> Please pound on this and report crashes. A lot of it was cleaning up
> void pointers named "opaque" to other void pointers named "opaque", so
> I'm sure there'll be _something_ that compiled cleanly but ends up
> pointing at a structure of the wrong datatype.  :)
> --ryan.

Well, it certainly messed up my mount-points patch. I guess I'll need to 
spend some time fixing that.
It seems that you're updating pretty fast right now, do you think it'd 
be worth doing the patch now?
Or should I just wait for the code to settle down a bit?

-Philip D. Bober

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