[physfs] 2.0 wishlist...

Brian Hook hook_l at pyrogon.com
Tue Sep 21 00:46:44 EDT 2004

> - Move to Subversion from CVS. This is overdue.


> - Add "mount points":

I like the concept, but I don't need it right now fwiw.

> - Expose the archiver registration mechanism to the outside world,
> so you can optionally plug in support for a format at runtime.
> Relatively easy to do, I think, would clean up the guts of physfs a
> little

Would be nice, but not vital.

> - Reduce malloc() pressure. We allocate way too much small and
> temporary shit that is better suited for alloca().

Do you want to use alloca(), or just have a stack-like scratchpad or 
hardcoded heap provided by the app?

> - Allow the application to provide allocation services (with the
> default to call malloc() directly from physfs). This is extremely
> useful for, say, a PalmOS port.

I consider this fairly important overall, just from a cleanliness 
point of view.  Having your own allocator and free without having to 
patch the distro is a major convenience, and allows you to use binary 
distros with confidence.

> - Find some way to relax or remove the security model so apps can
> have roughly the same codepath for the game itself and external
> tools. I think this probably needs a little more discussion.

I REALLY want this a lot, as you know.

> - Probably other stuff. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how 1.0
> turned out, and really just want to do some minor tweaking and
> enhancement to it.

Yes, 1.0 is teh bomb.  I'm not sure if 2.0's changes are 2.0-worthy, 
more like a 1.5, but that's semantics =)


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