[physfs] physfs hanging

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Sat Oct 30 12:02:52 EDT 2004

Adam D. Moss wrote:
> Hi!
> Just a quick note: raw physfs HEAD is causing my application
> to hang upon startup.  The last time I tried HEAD (several
> weeks ago) it was fine.
> I'm trying to look into it now.

After several runs, it looks like it is
locateInStringList() which is not returning.

#0  locateInStringList (str=0x81bb623 "pg2bound", list=0x81bc5f8, pos=0xbfffe9e8) at physfs.c:1313
#1  0x080f2f47 in enumFilesCallback (data=0xbfffeac0, str=0x81bb623 "pg2bound") at physfs.c:1348
#2  0x080f7769 in __PHYSFS_platformEnumerateFiles (dirname=0x81bb623 "pg2bound", omitSymLinks=1,
     callback=0x80f2f20 <enumFilesCallback>, callbackdata=0xbfffeac0) at posix.c:289
#3  0x080f4039 in DIR_enumerateFiles (opaque=0x81bb268, dname=0x8161fbe "", omitSymLinks=1,
     cb=0x80f2f20 <enumFilesCallback>, callbackdata=0x1) at dir.c:113
#4  0x080f30f6 in PHYSFS_enumerateFilesCallback (path=0x8161fbe "", callback=0x80f2f20 <enumFilesCallback>,
     data=0xbfffeac0) at physfs.c:1403
#5  0x080f3020 in PHYSFS_enumerateFiles (path=0x8161fbd "/") at physfs.c:1379
#6  0x080f277e in PHYSFS_setSaneConfig (organization=0x8141f56 "ga", appName=0x8141f4e "testapp",
     archiveExt=0x8141f4a "pak", includeCdRoms=0, archivesFirst=0) at physfs.c:1020

Don't know why, though.

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