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Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Fri Apr 9 02:44:11 EDT 2004

Thanks to Sebastian Steinhauer, we've got support for Westwood's MIX archives,
which were used by the older Command and Conquer games. Thanks!

Please note that for the time being, I've only hooked this into the Unix build
system, and you need to explicitly enable it at configure time with
--enable-mix, since it will claim all files it sees as MIX archives for now.

If you want to use it with Visual Studio, etc, you'll need to add
archivers/mix.c to your build and #define PHYSFS_SUPPORTS_MIX at compile

This is all available in CVS now.


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Hi icculus.

I just finished my MIX driver for PhysicsFS. MIX was developed by Westwood and

so used in many Westwood titles. The most famous series of games used (and 
still use) MIX is Command&Conquer. But this driver can only handle the old 
MIX files from the DOS games. The MIXes of Tiberium Sun and Red Alert2 are 
encrypted and somehow more complex. I'll try to write some code for them too,

but I'll need some additional information of the encryption algorithm used in

these MIX files. The only I thing I know is, that they use some sort of 
BlowFish encryption.

I attached the driver code, I hope you find this useful. More detailed 
information is included in the source *g

Greets Steini
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