Announcing PhysicsFS 0.1.9...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Fri Sep 12 22:55:28 EDT 2003

PhysicsFS 0.1.9 is now available.

Notable changes over 0.1.8:
  - Switched to zlib license from LGPL.
  - Rewrote qpak driver, made it case-insensitive for Quake compatibility.
  - Added .NET assembly and C# bindings (thanks, Greg Read!)
  - Added HOG and MVL archive support for Descent I/II (Thanks, Bradley Bell!).
  - MacOSX/Darwin CD-ROM detection code is now more accurate.
  - Added example code: case-insensitive file searches
  - Added MiNT support (thanks, Patrice Mandin!)
  - Lots of cleanups and bug fixes.

I don't promise this builds or functions on anything but my computer. In
fact, some of the build systems are out of date (os/2 and MacOS9, for
certain). This will be addressed for 1.0.0, the next (and final?) release.

Still TODO:
- Experiment with mmap() in posix.c.
- Get this building on every supported platform, again.
- Remove mktime() dependency in win32.c (for PocketPC, etc)
- last minute bug fixes, platform ports, and archiver additions.
- various other FIXMEs.


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