[physfs] Time to stop painting...

Philip D. Bober wildfire1138 at mchsi.com
Sun Nov 2 13:26:54 EST 2003

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> - Mount points. More than one person has written to request this, and it 
> makes sense for "sandboxing" mods...without this, downloadable content 
> can possibly override an application's data files, or at least muddy the 
> waters. If you can force a downloaded archive's files to be exposed at 
> /mods/modname/[...] instead of /[...], then it's mucch more 
> straightforward to sandbox a given mod. This also lets multiple mods 
> which contain identical file names coexist, even if overriding your 
> default content isn't an issue. This can be added to PhysFS as a new 
> function, but without breaking backwards compatibility 
> (PHYSFS_addToSearchPath() would effectively be mounting the archive at 
> "/").
Oh yes. I have needed this for so long! that'd be great.

> - Someone suggested wrapping the win32 registry in PhysFS...a 
> platform-independent way to read/write config variables 
> (~/.appname/config.ini on Unix, etc). I don't know if this is going into 
> PhysFS itself, but it'll at least end up in a small public-domain source 
> file in the contrib directory that interested developers can just copy 
> into their projects.
I recently wrote a wrapper for the win32 registry calls that uses an XML 
With a little work it could be converted to use the real registry too. 
If I can find the code
I'll send it, maybe you can use it. (or some part of it)

Looks great, wish I had the time to help with the development.

Philip D. Bober
wildfire1138 at mchsi.com

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