Packaging programs using PhysFS + ...

Gaetan de Menten ged at
Mon May 12 19:06:13 EDT 2003

Hello there,

First, let me thank all the people (mainly Ryan C. Gordon, I guess) who
contributed to this library... It's not that well-known but it's cool
anyway :) 

Then I got a question:
I'm using physfs in a game but since physfs is not that well-known, it
seems like binary packages for it are not widespread. Even on the
official page, the binaries are out of date. As I don't want my users to
have to compile the library themselves, what should I do? "Copy" its
source in my source tree (in a subdirectory) and statically link to it?
or build those binary packages myself and distribute them "on the same
page" as my game?

While I'm at it... I hope it'll be included in SDL2.0... Any hope for

One more thing:
It would be nice (and easy to do) to have a function returning the
number of files in a directory and another one to read a "text" line
(read until a \n).

Thanks in advance,

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