[physfs] PHYSFS_seek/tell with buffered data

Tree tree at stain.org
Tue Jan 28 13:59:03 EST 2003

Hi Ryan,

> > just before the return in PHYSFS_seek. This makes is work just fine.
> > Although I'm new to PhysFS, this seems like a bug to me. I'm surprised
> > no one else has picked this up before, so am just wondering if I'm
> > wrong in assuming that PHYSFS_tell(PHYSFS_filelength(handle)) should
> > always return PHYSFS_filelength(handle).
> However, PHYSFS_tell() takes a (PHYSFS_file *), not a number (what is
> returned from PHYFS_filelength()), so I'm amazed that compiles at all, and
> doesn't crash if it does build.

I just mucked up my example I gave above (which wouldn't compile), that
wasn't the code I was using. What I meant was when you try this:

    PHYSFS_sint64 position = PHYSFS_tell(handle);

 position didn't return PHYFS_filelength()

Anyway thanks for clearing the bug up.



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