some PocketPC patches

David Hedbor david at
Tue Apr 22 02:05:32 EDT 2003

This patch fixes some stuff on PocketPC:

- zip.c now compiles
  - Disabled a strerror call.
  - Commented out the zip_dos_time_to_physfs_time method (it now
    returns -1). If someone can fix this (I don't know how - no
    mktime), feel free.
- Added ARM to little endian byteorder (note, this would probably
  still break on mips and sh3 devices but I can't test thaT).
- Added methods to get the user and base directories (basically it uses

I will probably eventually put together a project file for this that
you can use, and make sure the other archives work as well.

Enjoy and long live PhysicsFS (why is it called that anyway?). :-)

[ Below is a random fortune, which is unrelated to the above message. ]
Q:	What's the difference between a duck and an elephant?
A:	You can't get down off an elephant.

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