adding archive paths to search paths

Eric Wing ewing2121 at
Thu Nov 28 17:59:52 EST 2002

Hi all,
I'm a newbie to PhysFS so please bear with me.

I have zip-files that contain subdirectories inside
them. I was wondering how I can add those directories
to my search path. If I have those directories lying
around in the real file system, I can add them.
However if they only exist in the archives, I can't
seem to add them.

Also, I noticed that I have to explicitly add
zip-files to my search path before I can see their
contents. Is there a more automatic way of making them
all available automatically?

Finally, if anybody responds, can you please cc: me. I
subscribed to this list about a month ago, but so far
I have seen no posts. I'm wondering if something's
broken. (And is there a mail-list archive I can look


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