[physfs] Re: PhysFS... (fwd)

CRV§ADER/KY crusaderky at inwind.it
Thu May 2 09:09:42 EDT 2002

>> There are other two solutions:
>> a)create a package for Borland C++ Builder!
>I don't have Borland C++, but I'll gladly accept patches and project files
>that make Physfs work with that compiler. You'll still need the Platform
>SDK...Borland might just ship a newer version than Visual Studio 6 does.
>> b)make win32.c free of any SDKs. (is that so difficult? Since I don't
>> have any SDKs installed and I only have that stupid
>> INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER error, you may just define it.. OR AT LEAST
>I think you'll find there'll be linker errors, too, but it's worth a try.
>Greg: what's INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER defined as?
>And, "SDK" is a misleading term. When Microsoft says, "Platform SDK" what
>they mean is, "Win32 API".
I tried to compile physfs on my PC and the ONLY error it generates is

win32.c(680) : error C2065: 'INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER' : undeclared identifier

so there's no reason to download a 235MB SDK; I just need a 30 bytes long 

#define INVALID_SET_FILE_POINTER its-damned-value

Could you please run a simple
and tell me its value?

Probably I don't need anything else because I've got Service Pack 5. It could be useful if you added the 
#define in the official package too.


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