More cool stuff added.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Tue Jul 30 02:27:37 EDT 2002

Been a busy day for PhysicsFS.  :)

New stuff:

- Debian package support, care of Colin Bayer. Point whatever you use for
Debian package management at the new "debian" directory to build them.
(Note that you'll need to do a "cvs update -d" to pull the new directory
- Spanish language translation, thanks to Pedro J. Perez.
- French language translation, thanks to Stepane Peter.
- Support for Russian language on more codepages: koi8-r, cp866, cp1251,
and iso-8859-5, thanks to Ed Sinjiashvili.

Stephane and Pedro both have accents in their names, but Pine won't let me
enter extended ASCII. Sorry, guys.  :)

Very cool.


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