More updates.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Tue Jul 23 04:37:12 EDT 2002

I've finished my rewrite of the ZIP archiver; it should be considerably
more efficient and robust than 0.1.7 (and quite a bit more so than the
last time I announced zip.c work).

I have also overhauled the GRP archiver in many of the same ways. A few
other things around the library have been optimized and improved, too.

I am largely satisfied with the results, but it has only been lightly
tested. Please beat the hell out of this. We're getting ready for a 1.0
release, after all.  :)

Next up: portability craziness. Hunt down strange platforms and see what
works and what doesn't. There's a list of suggestions in TODO in
CVS...everything from AtheOS to Amiga would be cool to try.

After that and last minute tweaks, we're good to go to 1.0.0.


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