[physfs] OSX and PhysFS

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Tue Dec 17 15:02:58 EST 2002

> If you're interested, I have built a PhysFS Framework
> and ProjectBuilder project for OSX (based on how other
> SDL frameworks were made). Would you like me to send
> them to you? (BTW, did you receive my ogg patch for
> SDL_sound?)


Yes, please send me the project files/framework/etc and I'll get that into

I have the SDL_sound patch, but I need to apply it to CVS still. Will do.

> Also, I thought I should alert you to an OS X
> idiosyncrasy you may want to address. The Unix stuff
> works great for PhysFS. (I couldn't actually get any
> of the MacClassic stuff to compile in OSX.) However,
> the Unix stuff might work a little to well...

The MacClassic stuff relies on certain non-Carbon APIs, and is really not
meant to be fully Carbonized anyhow; I wouldn't even look at it for OSX if
I were you.

> For Unix style built programs, PhysFS is perfectly
> fine. However, if you build a project via
> ProjectBuilder style, the executables that get created
> are a little strange which has a consequence to what
> PhysFS computes as the base directory.
>  [...snip...]
> Perhaps you guys have a good solution to this issue?

Hmm...let me think about this for awhile.


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