Just to clarify your comment

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Mon Sep 3 21:31:15 EDT 2001

> What you have said is not completely true. On win32 each drive has a
> current directory as well as the normal current directory. So "filename"
> is relative to the current directory and "D:filename" is relative to D
> drives current directory.
> Eg. If you did this under the shell:
> cd c:/windows/sytem32
> a:
> cd /
> copy c:*.*
> then this would copy everthing from c:/windows/system32 to a:/. Note
> that if you switch back to drive C it remembers that drives current
> directory.

I think that's a behaviour of the command prompt, and not the API itself;
I couldn't find a way in the win32 API to change the current drive and not
the directory (or get the current directory for a specific drive), and
FindFileFirst seems to behave according to my comment, but then again, my
test program for verifying this uses SetCurrentDirectory(), which perhaps
doesn't respect current dirs per drive. I can send you the test code I
used, if you like.

I still need to tackle a few other win32 issues we've discussed in the
past, and I'll revisit this, too, if need be.


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