[openbox] [bit OT] Get focus window id?

Lukasz Grabowski graboluk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 16:42:34 EDT 2015

Actually you can directly use the id given by xdotool in wmctrl.

As an example from my ~/bin, assuming that the active window is
zathura, the following will get the pdf file name which is currently
open (this file name  is in the window title of zathura):

ZATHURA_WIN=$(printf '%x\n' $(xdotool getactivewindow))
FILE=`wmctrl -l | grep $ZATHURA_WIN | awk '{$1=$2=$3=""; print $0}' |
awk '{$1=$1}1'`

Best, Łukasz

2015-10-26 19:57 GMT+00:00 Sébastien <ml at terranean.eu>:
> le 2015-10-26, Ian écrivit:
>>Is there a way to determine which window has the focus, from a script?
>>I checked the old workhorse, wmctrl, but it doesn't seem capable of
>>this.  There is the "-r :ACTIVE: " option, but it only works with the
>>action subcommands, not with the listing.
> xdotool to the rescue!
> Returns some kind of window id (not sure what it is):
> $ xdotool getwindowfocus
> Get the pid:
> $ xdotool getwindowpid $(xdotool getwindowfocus)
> Get the name of the program:
> cat /proc/$(xdotool getwindowpid $(xdotool getwindowfocus))/comm
> Hope this helps!
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> Sébastien
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