[openbox] Quake-like-console configuration: problem with ForEach action

Martin Jiřička mjiricka at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 17:02:00 EST 2015

> Your snippet works perfectly for me. Do you actually have a version
> that supports the ForEach action? It requires 3.6 which is not yet
> released. So the good news is the documentation is correct :).

Oh, I have got 3.5.2, which is also available in Downloads. (But I
installed it from ArchLinux official repo).

Which snippet works: the first one with ForEach or the second one with
If I called "buggy"?

And is the ForEach loop designed to do what I intend to do with it,
i.e. to find the quake terminal, no matter which window is currently

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