[openbox] Focus follows mouse...

Bjørn T Johansen btj at havleik.no
Wed Oct 16 11:09:44 EDT 2013


Just reinstalled my computer this weekend and opted for Openbox and after some configurations, I am starting to feel very satisfied... :)
But I have a small problem. I like the feature where focus follow mouse and it is working as it should, for the most part. But when using IntelliJ
IDEA (a Java IDE), I have a problem with popup windows/dialogs. I can click on a button to open a dialog and the dialog opens. But when I try to
click anything inside the dialog, it is the mainwindow below that responds (and has focus) and I am not able to gain focus inside the open dialog...
If I disable the focus follow mouse feature then everything works as expected...

Is this a known problem or? Know problem with Java? Any workarounds/configuration to make it work?



Bjørn T Johansen 

btj at havleik.no
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