[openbox] User problem

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Fri Oct 4 18:58:55 EDT 2013

Hello, openbox newbie here, trying to implement openbox- for an
old version of lxde.  It works OK for root, no particular trouble
noticed, but not for a user.  When the user tries to use the lxde, none
of the windows have window management--like WM openbox isn't working.
When the user tries to just use openbox-session alone, the mouse cursor
comes up and shortly the windows drop out back to the shell.  Root
works, users don't, sounds like a permissions problem.  I've checked all
the installed files, and the user's files, and I see nothing unusual.
Granted there is no [eh]setroot, and the themes are in /usr/local/share
with a link in /usr/share, but one wouldn't expect themes to crash
openbox.  I see no apparently relevant error messages.  pyxdg-0.15 is
installed.  Yes, these are old versions, but for now that's appropriate
for the age of the other software in the system.  It seems "close to
working", but I don't know what to tweak.  Any help?  TIA
Paul Rogers
paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
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