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Matteo Brichese mbrichese at came.it
Fri May 3 03:31:33 EDT 2013

No solution?
I'm in an embedded environment, I've only 2 app, a QT application in fullscreen mode and a gst-launch application that have to show a video over the QT app.

If it's not possible to make an "alwaysOnTop" on certain window maybe it's possible to tell openbox to handle only the gst-launch window an no other window? I need openbox because it's the only method to put the gst-launch window where I want it.

Fluxbox is able to make what I want, but I cannot instal it by now...


the Layer tag doesn't work, I mean, it work until I click on another window.
I've a FS application running and I want to open another window on top of this one, but I need to interoperate with the FS application and mantain the other window in foreground.

The second window is launched from the FS application and I need to keep it visible until I destroy it from the FS app.

On Thu, May 2, 2013 at 3:16 PM, Matteo Brichese <mbrichese at came.it> wrote:
> Hi, I'm Matthew from Italy, I've found this ML:
>>> In a menu entry to start an app, can I specify that I want its window
>>> to stay on top?
>>No. Unless the app in question has a --always-on-top switch. Openbox has
>>no way of knowing which exec() call produces which windowid in X. What you
>>can do is use the per-app matching to make all windows of a specific class
>>stay on top.
>>Mikael Magnusson
> I'm intrested in knowing how can I do for making a particular class of windows to stay on top.
> I've already a per-app configuration, but I cannot find a solution for an always on top configuration.

Here is an example of how to keep Vlc's window on top:

<application class="Vlc" name="vlc" role="vlc-main" type="normal">

Modify to suit and add it to your Openbox rc.xml file, within the
<applications> element.

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