[openbox] Java Applets Crash X

Bastien Dejean nihilhill at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 16:46:16 EST 2012

Jim Rees:

> Bastien Dejean wrote:
>   Every Java powered applets I browse to crashes X.  I tested it in
>   another WM (herbstluftwm), and it doesn't happen.
> Then it's crashing the WM, not X.  The X server is exiting because the
> WM exited.

You're right, I missed that.

> You didn't say what you're using for session management.

Nothing: I run startx from ~/.bash_profile.

> I would also run it in gdb to see if I can get a traceback but that's
> not easy if you don't already know how.  But maybe you do if you're
> building from source.

I managed to get an openbox executable with debugging symbols: but how
do I launch openbox through gdb in ~/.xinitrc ?

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