[openbox] How is /usr/lib/openbox/openbox-xdg-autostart executed by Openbox?

James Robertson j at mesrobertson.com
Sat Mar 3 18:06:51 EST 2012

> If you run openbox-session GNOME, does it not pass the GNOME along to the
> xdg-startup?

The openbox-session man page states "openbox-session does not take any
command line arguments" and the following code in the script reflects

if test -n "$1"; then
    echo "Syntax: openbox-session"
    echo "See the openbox-session(1) manpage for help."

Meaning the "$@" at the end of the exec line is somewhat pointless I suppose?

If this test in the script was removed or updated to include the
arguments openbox-autostart accepts then I imagine it should work.
Perhaps this should be marked as a bug?


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