[openbox] Conditional per-app settings

David Vogt dv at adfinis.ch
Sun Oct 30 05:25:38 EDT 2011


On 30/10/11 07:13, Robbie Smith wrote:
> I was wondering if it's possible to set conditional per-app settings in
> the Openbox configuration, e.g. only show window decorations when it's
> not maximised (either fully or in the vertical direction). I'm trying to
> make most use of my screen resolution as my netbook only has a 1024×600
> screen, and turning off decorations helps a little.
> The online documentation makes mention of an "if" action, but this seems
> to apply for actions and not per-app settings.

You could try adding the undecorate action to every place in the config 
that maximizes a window, and the decorate action to every place that 
un-maximizes it.

-- Dave

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