[openbox] Openbox - Restore window to current desktop

Anthony Thyssen A.Thyssen at griffith.edu.au
Thu Nov 11 02:36:12 EST 2010

On Thu, 11 Nov 2010 09:20:31 +0200
Alexey Korop <akorop at gmail.com> wrote:
| Anthony Thyssen wrote on 11.11.2010 01:30:
| > |>  |>   Can anyone suggest a way to un-minimize windows to the current desktop?
| > |     The way exists: call You client-list-combined-menu (the middle mouse
| > | button by default), press and hold the Shift key and click desired menu
| > | item.
| > |
| > That de-iconized the window but it then jumps you to the desktop on which that
| > resides.   It does NOT open that window on the current desktop!
|      Hm... indeed, this behavior absent in the but present in 
| the current Dana's "work" branch 
| (http://git.icculus.org/?p=dana/openbox.git;a=shortlog;h=work). I don't 
| like released version due to horizontal Alt-Tab window list, as in the 
| Windows. Vertical list is more useful.
| Yours truly Alexey

I still like the gnome 'grouped' tabs along the bottom of the display.

Often have 12 to 20 xterm windows open all going to different servers
so being able to open the horizontal alligned group, vertically upward
then selecting the appropriately xterm window is important to me.

However I do find it painful that the window will only open on the
original workspace and not the current one.  Or if open on another
workspace it moves to my current workspace.

Using right button does pop up sub-menus for each window but the options
also seem unhelpful, other than to make a window visible in all
workspaces, which is also not desirable.

The current situation limits my use of multiple workspaces.

I looked at other 'panels' but found them more limited than the gnome
panel, which I only used because it was available by default.  I am not
after 'pretty' or 'flash', just one that works well and can be configured
to do what I want.

Oh well the search goes on for a 'better' panel.

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