[openbox] "Enter" key in menu

Johan Vromans jvromans at squirrel.nl
Tue Nov 9 01:53:54 EST 2010

Dana Jansens <dana at orodu.net> writes:

>> I have already prepared a patch which adds long awaiting submenu with default choice, with different works of this keys ("Enter" execute a default item, "Right" expand a submenu). I held this big patch because I wanted to first resolve the small issue with Enter, which affects the same part of the program text.
> How would you run such a default action without using the keyboard ?

In Ctwm (that has this feature) a submenu for an entry is not expanded
until you move the mouse to the 'arrow' in the entry.[*] Clicking the
entry when it is not expanded invokes the default entry, if any. If
there's no default entry, expand the submenu. I don't remember if ctwm
did it that way but it seems like a good behaviour to me.

-- Johan

[*] This has another advantage, you can move the mouse through a menu
without expanding the submenus of every entry you pass. Expanding
submenus may invoke running scripts that take some time to complete. For
this reason I have removed some of the 'fancy' menu entries like

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