[openbox] Keybind to Restore Iconified Window

rent0n rent0n at email.it
Fri Oct 2 13:20:06 EDT 2009

>> I use the A-Down keybind to iconify the active window and
>> i'm looking
>> for a way to easily restore iconified windows with the A-Up
>> keybind.
>> I've already tried Activate, Focus, Raise and
>> ToggleMaximizeFull actions
>> and combinations of these with no success.
>> The only way to restore a previously iconified windows
>> (without using
>> the mouse and my tint2 panel of course) is to use the
>> NextWindow action
>> with the A-Tab keybind, but this is not what i want.
>> Is there an action that allows to resore previously
>> iconified windows?
>> Thank you very much,
>> rent0n
> There is one question that I have for you rent0n,
> How do you plan on getting that window the focus, unless it's thru the NextWindow action, or clicking on it?  If it's iconified, that seems to imply that it doesn't have the focus....
> See where I'm going with this? ;)
> Knute
Yes, perfectly.
So there's no solution, as i thought.
Anyways, if you think about the NextWindow action, it has a built-in way 
to give focus to iconifed windows and to restore them.
So, at least in theory, it would be possible to have an action "Restore" 
that gives focus to the last iconified windows and restore it to the 
screen, thanks to a some kind of "memory".

Do you see what i mean?

Thank you for your answer!


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