[openbox] changing menu.xml, rc.xml and "openbox --reconfigure" doesn't change anything

Frank beacon at videotron.ca
Sun Nov 22 21:53:45 EST 2009

On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 02:23:31 +0300
Ilia Zemskov <il.zoff at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi. I have a problem here. Can you help?
> I have autostart.sh, rc.xml and menu.xml in my
> /home/ilia/.config/openbox folder.
> And if i change something in rc or menu files, and then do "openbox
> --reconfigure", nothing happens.
> It's weird, 'cause autostart.sh works as expected.
> And there's more: when i'm trying to change something using ObConf, i
> get the message
> "An error occured while saving the config file
> '/root/.config/openbox/rc.xml'". Why he's trying
> to do something in /root/ ? I've tried to cp my menu.xml to
> /root/.config/openbox just in case,
> and it doesn't change anything.

   Are you running obconf(ig) as root? Check roots .config/openbox
directory to see what files are in there and what permissions they have and
who owns them.

Frank<beacon at videotron.ca>

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