[openbox] tint2 border

Freddie Exall freddie_signup at gmx.co.uk
Sun Nov 15 08:45:19 EST 2009

On Sat, 31 Oct 2009, Freddie Exall wrote:

> On Fri, 30 Oct 2009, Doug Barton wrote:
>> Freddie Exall wrote:
>>> I'm running tint2 inside openbox with
>>>     <application name="*">
>>>         <decor>no</decor>
>>>     </application>
>>> and
>>>     <keepBorder>yes</keepBorder>
>>> in my rc.xml. (i.e. I'm wanting everything to have no decorations but
>>> with a border). This is working well for everything except my tint2
>>> taskbar. I'm wanting it to have no border. When I first log in to
>>> openbox tint2 appears WITH a border, however, reconfiguring openbox
>>> removes this border.
>> I'm not 100% sure where you're going wrong, however I'm running tint2
>> and I have <keepBorder>yes</keepBorder> in my rc.xml and I'm not
>> having this problem.
>> First question is, how are you starting it? I have "tint2 &" in my
>> autostart.sh and that works fine for me. I suspect that what you
>> really want to do is fiddle with the tint2rc file. I had to fiddle
>> with it for a while but finally got to the point where the tint panel
>> itself has no background or border. It took some time to get there
>> though, so maybe you need to keep playing with it.
> I'm starting tint2 with "tint2 &" in my autostart.sh also. I've been using 
> tint2 for a while and the config for it doesn't give it a border. Switching 
> to <keepBorder>yes</keepBorder> gives it the same border as all other windows 
> which makes me suspect it's openbox doing it. Plus, I've just tried editing 
> my tint2rc file to give it a border, killed tint2 and re-launched it and it's 
> got a stupid white border along with openbox's grey one. Also, reconfiguring 
> OPENBOX removes the erroneous border.
>> hth,
>> Doug

Okay. We couldn't work out why tint2 was launching with a border on my 
machine. Is there a way that I can use an application specific setting in 
openbox's rc.xml to force tint2 (and xclock) to have no border, regardless 
of the fact that I have keepBorder on in the same file? I can't find a way 
and I'm wanting to check I haven't missed anything before I add a feature 



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