json as config format!?

Dennis Heuer dh at triple-media.com
Tue Mar 10 11:07:00 EDT 2009


the more i look at the config files the more i wished a gui for them.
for a luck, the situation isn't so bad with obconf and obmenue.
however, looking at how compact and complicated even small
definitions look in XML, i wanted to mention JSON as a possibly better
format. just look at the both examples below:

<keybind key="S-A-Up">
  <action name="SendToDesktopUp">

{"keybind": {"key": "S-A-UP",
    {"action": {"name": "SendToDesktopUp",
          "dialog": "no",
          "wrap": "no"
} } } } }

i find that in json one better finds the actual declarations between
all this containment. ok, json may make heavy use of quotes (and
brackets). however, if one agrees inofficially that a future json could
also support symbols, like lisp does, the code could look like this:

{keybind: {key: "S-A-UP",
  {action: {name: "SendToDesktopUp",
    {dialog: "no", wrap: "no"}
  } }
} } 

just an idea,

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