obconf crashing

Myles Green rmg57 at telus.net
Thu Jan 1 18:18:35 EST 2009

Hi and Happy New Year to everyone!

I'm encountering a situation where I cannot get obconf to run via the
menu or from a terminal. I'm using ArchLinux and I get this using the
packages from Arch and self-compiled installs (after removing the
distro pkgs) on both Arch stable and testing. I've attached the
backtrace section of the error when run from an xterm which includes
several lines leading up to the bt and the memory allocation info which
followed it, I also have the entire output if needed. I've also
attached my rc.xml.

Openbox (built using the Arch build script from the OB download
page @ icculus.org)

ObConf 2.0.3 - currently built from source but it also occurs with the
Arch pkg from the same place as above.)


I hope I've included enough information.

Myles Green

Linux. It isn't about it being free, it's about the freedom it brings.

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