[openbox] obprop conflict

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Dec 24 04:17:23 EST 2009


I wanted to ask if you knew that Open Babel already contains a tool
named "obprop" (/usr/bin/obprop as well). Currently this conflict
prevents installation of the latest release of Openbox on Arch Linux
for all users who already have Open Babel installed (and vice versa).

As Openbox's obprop is similar to xprop (and presumably named after
it), I wanted to ask if you would consider renaming the tool to
"obxprop" to avoid the conflict with Open Babel's obprop. This could
potentially benefit many users as Open Babel is a widespread
application and it would avoid the need for Openbox packagers to
patch/tweak the default Openbox installation on different distros.

You can find Open Babel at:

Off-topic, please consider including ObFilebrowser on the community
portal page along with ObTheme. As the name suggests, it's a menu file
browser for Openbox. It uses MIMEtype associations to determine which
applications can be used to open a file. These can be set with PCManFM
or with Mimeman (the latter of which can be found on my site as well).




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