[openbox] Openbox + composite recommendations?

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Thu Dec 17 16:29:46 EST 2009

2009/12/17 Neil Bird <neil at fnxweb.com>:
>  Does anyone have a recommendation for using compositing with openbox?
> I'm currently using xcompmgr (just started a fortnight ago), and while it's
> great just off the bat, on my home PC I find it starts slugging everything
> after a day or so and I have to restart it (xcompmgr;  I'm using a pipe-menu
> I found on the Net for that).
>  I know that xcompmgr has a bit of a reputation is this respect (although
> I'm not suffering at all on my more powerful PC at work;  may be the cheap
> nvidia card I have at home), but the only alternative I could see (without
> binning openbox, which I don't want to do) was cairo-compmgr, and that seems
> to be bit-rotting.

You could try this version of xcompmgr:


I fixed some memory leaks in it, and I'm not sure how much of it has
made it upstream.

>  Anyone else using compositing OK with openbox?
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