[openbox] Alt-Tab dialog orientation

Dana Jansens danakj at orodu.net
Mon Dec 14 16:14:06 EST 2009

2009/12/14 Alexey Korop <akorop at gmail.com>:
> Hi, Mikael!
>> On Mon, 14 Dec 2009, Alexey Korop wrote:
>>>   Under Mandriva (2008 and 2010) Alt-Tab dialog is vertically arranged:
>>> each
>>> window represents by line with icon and title text. This is very useful.
>>>   But under Crunchbang (Ubuntu based distro) Alt-Tab dialog arranged
>>> horizontally: one line with all icons and one line with title text of the
>>> selected window.
>>>    All Openbox config files are the same, including the theme.
>>>    May I have the vertical Alt-Tab dialog under Crunchbang?
> Mikael Magnusson wrote:
>> Compare openbox --version on each distro. If it's the same, mandriva has
>> patched 3.4.x with unfinished code from git, if it's 3.999.0, they have
>> packaged unreleased code.
>   Thank You! Under all three systems I install openbox manually from sources
> (3.999.0 from git, 20.11.2009), but later under Crunchbang I try new 3.4.8.
> After reinstalling of 3.999.0 the problem is solved. Vertical Alt-Tab bar is
> the best!
>   And about the 3.999.0.
>   In November I send the patch based on the 3.999.0 sources (the submenu
> hide delay improved, bug #3762). In the 3.4.8 release this patch is not
> included and it is a bit not compatible with 3.4.8. "Master" branch 3.999.0
> also is not modified from September. What I should to do with this patch?
> Nothing? Try to commit to the "master" branch? Make 3.4.8 based version?
> Another?

For 3.4.8 we didn't try incorporate any new feature patches.  I've
been going thru the open bugzilla bugs, but so far I haven't looked at
enhancements, just at broken stuff.  I promise I'll get to this.

>   Where I may to learn about openbox development organization?

Right now it's a bit confusing because we are keeping a 3.4 branch
that isn't master (it should be, but it isn't).  The 3.4-working
branch is what we've been releasing as 3.4.x.  The backport branch is
where I've been doing work lately when fixing bugs, as it applies to
the 3.4-working branch, and our work branch (which we merge into

New features should be made against master, we're hoping that the next
release or the following one will be based off master instead of
3.4-working.  There's just a few things to clean up there.


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