[openbox] frivolous concern

J. Shinall spam at theshinalls.com
Tue Sep 26 15:21:59 EDT 2006

> Mike,
> Yeah, that's controlled by the theme you select. I run Debian, and I
> installed the gtk-engine-switch app to be able to run 'switch2'. It's a
> nice interface to preview and change themes. Give it a shot.
> mike obrien wrote:
>> uh-oh...what i meant was the window backgrounds as they appear in
>> openbox.   by 'window background', i mean that area in most apps in
>> which 'file', 'edit', 'view', etc. appear.   it's called 'window
>> background' in kde, so i just assumed that to be universal.   sorry for
>> the confusion.   i'm well acquainted with openbox themes having made
>> some of my own.
>> thanks,
>> mike

J. Shinall wrote:

I was mistaken about the package name. It's gtk-theme-switch. Thanks David.

Also, sorry to all for top posting.

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