Fw: [openbox] Curious about font rendering (correx -- using OB 3.3)

Peter N. Spotts pspotts at alum.mit.edu
Sun Sep 3 13:31:41 EDT 2006

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Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 18:53:35 +0300
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Subject: Re: [openbox] Curious about font rendering (correx -- using OB

On Sun, Sep 03, 2006 at 05:33:23PM +0200, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, Peter N. Spotts wrote:
> >I'm enjoying OB3.3 on my laptop (SuSE 10.1). But I've noticed a odd
> >difference in the way fonts get rendered in OB versus a window
> >manager
> I think you're a bit confused, the window manager has nothing to do
> with what goes on _inside_ the clients' windows. Xfce however is not
> a window manager and may be doing some funny stuff. Most likely you
> start X in different ways and the DPI ends up with different values.

Hi, all.  Pete, you need to set DPI-preferences in your .Xresources (and
maybe .Xdefaults too) like this:

Xft.dpi:                96
Xft.hinting:            true
Xft.hintstyle:          hintfull
Xft.antialias:          rgba
Xft.rgba:               rgb

This is what xfce doing in a hidden way, i believe. Even not xfce, but
more likeley gnome-settings-daemon (you can run it instead if you wish)

P.S. Pete, forward this message to mailing-list please, for some reason
I cannot do this by myself. thanx.

good luck

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