[openbox] "conditional appearance for titles" -- request for Code Review

Javeed Shaikh syscrash2k at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 17:49:53 EDT 2006


That sounds like an interesting idea. However, from what I can see,
the condition text has
to be set in the theme. Perhaps you should change that.

Another interesting thing is your mini regexp matcher. It would
probably be cool if you
made that also work for per-app settings.

Mikachu (the maintainer) probably has some suggestions too.

Not bad work though!

On 10/20/06, Nitzan Shaked <calius at netvision.net.il> wrote:
> Hello all
> I've implemented a small feature: conditional appearance for the "focused
> title", based on the current title text. I use it to change the bg color of
> my xterm titles based on which machine I am logged on to, and which user I
> am. I added
> alias precmd 'echo -n "\033]0;${HOST} : `whoami`\007"'
> To all users' .tcshrc, and thus the xterm title changes whenver I ssh to
> another machine, and/or whenever I "su". The new feature then changes the
> color of my xterm's title.
> I am attaching 3 files: a diff file (svn diff from an SVN checkout done 3hrs
> ago) and 2 new files to be placed under "openbox/".
> I am requesting:
> 1) a code review from the maintainer / someone in charge, if this is
> interesting to anyone.
> 2) your endless patience and understanding :) it's the first time I am ever
> submitting code to a public project.
> I tried following code convention, and writing something relatively modular.
> I hope I did okay.
> Comments anyone?
> Cheers,
> Nitzan

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