Wonderful Window Manager

Thomas Polliard thomas at polliard.com
Mon Oct 16 23:56:21 EDT 2006

First let me start by saying, this is a kicka22 window manager.  I have 
used blackbox,fluxbox,enlightenment DR<17 and currently had been using 
DR17, the unfinished window manager ;).  This blows them all away.  You 
guys are doing a great job.  The tools that others have built to work 
with openbox needs a little help but, that is not openbox's issue.  
Anyways onto my real issue
Is there any intent in the future to provide a option to modify the 
Raise window delay and the focus delay independently. 

The one "user" issue I have had is that I prefer to be able to go 
between windows without raising them when pasting commands from window 
to window, however, I also like to be able to modify the Raise so that 
when I do want a window to come to the front, I just have to click or 
hover for a little longer. 

Thanks for starting with standards and moving from there. Keep up the 
excellent work

Thomas P.

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