[openbox] slit order

Victor I Kargin platan at ttk.ru
Sun Oct 1 16:13:11 EDT 2006

Krešimir Špes wrote:
> I'm loading several dockaps through a bash script that gdm starts,
> example: wmCalendar && wmcube && wmclockmon && wmsmixer && exec openbox
> however, every time my openbox session starts ,these apps load in
> diferent order :(
> is there a way to set up locations of each dock app in the slit?
> Cheers,
> Kreso

There is no way to set it through openbox, but You can try this in your
.xinitrc or .xsession :
wmcpuload &
sleep 1
wmnetload -i eth0 &
sleep 1
wmmaiload &
sleep 1
wmCalClock &
exec openbox

But there is two problems: it takes more time to start your X session
and if some application like wmmaiload needs to connect to server, and
doesn't get responce in time, it appears later.

				Best regards, Victor

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