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for a little bit now i have been 'tweaking' some very small areas of
openbox so i think it looks more, perty, mikachu, has been a huge help
in this as i have no idea what i am doing, so thank you to my swedish

basically i'll say what this patch does and try and justify myself a

- softens the bevel on raised windows, this is basically so it looks
less harsh and fits in ore with my GNOME environment, mikael says he
cannot see the differennce, i think it would be of most interest to
GNOME users, because of the softness. the point of this is if you don't
use GNOME the difference in probably not even that noticable or
important to you, if you do i think it helps uniform your desktop. (it
ain't perfect but it's a start?)

- shrink the grip width, this has bothered me for some time, it just
looks silly i think? i am not sure this is particulary the best way to
calculate the size, but it is ok for me?

- dock inherits menu colours not inactive window colours, the point of
this is i see the dock as more of a panel, and i think menus and panel
are kindo of similar things (sort of..)

- alpha the icon ever so slightly to sofen any unfortunate edges...

- it also adds the hide disabled button (in cvs) to the default rc, just

- uses larger font on default theme.

here is a screenshot here of some of it (bevel handle) left is openbox
as god intended and right is my abomination:

i would be interested in any comments?

as always apologies for the poor spelling and grammar ;)

warmest regards

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