Can menu.xml use a LANG variable?

Holly Bostick motub at
Fri Jun 25 06:24:03 EDT 2004


My native language is English, but I live in The Netherlands, where the 
native language is, unsurprisingly, Dutch.

So sometimes I want to boot into my desktop in Dutch so I can learn what 
all the various commands are in that language and in general improve my 

I know that if I choose Dutch in GDM when logging in, all my apps 
(except Firefox and Thunderbird, which have to be installed in Dutch to 
be used in Dutch) will display Dutch menus and all, but I was wondering 
if I can have my Root menu change as well.

Basically, I'm wondering if a line like this:

<menu id="games-menu" label="Games">

can be changed to something like:

<menu id="games-menu" label[en]="Games" label[nl]="Spelletjes">

and if that is the correct way to do it, if it is actually possible to do.

Yes, I'm being lazy, I should just try it, but I thought I'd ask, 
especially since I'm not quite sure of the syntax.

Thanks for any advice.

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