Some questions

Henrik Holmboe elements at
Mon May 19 03:58:25 EDT 2003

Hi list,

 I have been running Openbox 2.x (actually at 2.2.3-3 in Debian
 unstable) for quite some time, and I really enjoy this wm. So first
 Id like to congrat the developers for a fine piece of software. Next
 I have some concerns:

  1. A window is not correctly focues when switching workspaces. I
     noticed that the window under the mousepointer actually takes
     input from the keyboard, but it isnt focused (as in hilighted
     window-frames and text-cursor filled in to show its
     active). Preferably the last window focues should be focused when
     switching back to its workspace. This is a small annoyance.

  2. Some time ago I remember being able to strip off the
     window-frames, putting the window to the "back" and removing it
     from window cycles. This is of course used for tailing logfiles
     and such. I have a vague memory I did this in fluxbox, and cant
     seem to find this functionality in openbox. Though I saw a this
     in screenshot of openbox somewhere (woodblock's site?). How can
     this be done?

  3. bbpager cant switch workspaces. I realize this most probably isnt
     a problem with openbox, but perhaps someone can shed some light
     on this?

  4. And finally; when is Openbox 3.x expected to be "stable"? I
     havent tried it out myself, mostly because its not available in
     Debian unstable. Is it stable enough for daily use? Is it not
     released due to lack of features planned for the release? I am
     not interested in having a desktop that crashes on me every so
     often, but Id like to have the Python scripting features. Cant
     find useful status info on the website (or in the wiki).


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