[openbox] _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP question

Anatoly Asviyan anatoly.asviyan at terayon.com
Thu Jan 30 10:58:27 EST 2003

Thanks for pointing these things and thanks for fast reply. 
I've inserted changes you sad and it just works.
will check it with sawfish soon...

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 09:43:33 -0600
Ben Jansens <ben at orodu.net> wrote:
> I believe your problem is here:
>     s = XSendEvent (dpy, xroot, True, SubstructureNotifyMask, (XEvent*) &xev);
> http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/wm-spec/1.3/html/x110.html says:
> Whenever this spec speaks about "sending a message to the root
> window", it is understood that the client is supposed to create a
> ClientMessage event with the specified contents and send it by using a
> SendEvent request with the following arguments:
> destination     root
> propagate       False
> event-mask      (SubstructureNotify|SubstructureRedirect)
> event           the specified ClientMessage
> I've seen other people do this too, I'm not sure where people get the
> inclination to use the wrong mask.

Regards, Anatoly

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