Stylebox 0.3 released

Ava Arachne Jarvis ajar at
Tue Jan 28 21:12:05 EST 2003

This is alpha software and could eat your children.  Use with caution --
in particular, make use of 'Save As' before editing beloved styles.

Bugs fixed:
    - texture resources printed bevel without a space before it 
      and gradient type

Features added:
    - Stylebox now opens with the currently loaded Openbox style.

    - save/open operations now interact with Openbox.  In fact, 
      Stylebox now assumes that you're running Openbox.

Stuff planned for the immediate future: 
    - Stylebox no longer naively assuming that you're running openbox

Stuff planned for the future:
    - Automatic checkpoints whenever a style is saved
    - Ability to revert to a specific checkpoint safely, at which 
      point I will consider Stylebox to be beta software

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