[openbox] RedHat 8.0

John Eckerdal john at hl.lu.se
Tue Oct 29 11:40:13 EST 2002

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Scott Moynes wrote:

> Looks like a compiler error to me. Fill out a bug report with Redhat I
> assume. However, it won't help much as we've had many bug reports from
> people compiling on Redhat systems, and none of them have been helpful
> enough to get it debugged properly.

A CVS version compiled on RH 8.0 some days ago worked fine here.

The problem is that you have to manually edit the Makefiles after
configure has created them - otherwise Xft support is missing.
Other than that there are no bugs, except maybe that menu bug that
someone mentioned awhile ago.

John Eckerdal                        the Assembly Gems page

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