Dropshadows for fonts?

John Eckerdal john at hl.lu.se
Sat Oct 19 19:02:55 EDT 2002


Have been playing around with Openbox for awhile now and like it.
It works like a charm (well, almost). I can't get drop shadows to
I searched the source for any clues on how to enable these and I
found the session.screenX.dropShadowFonts (and corresponding menu
item). None of them make a difference (it can be enabled and disabled
but there is no visible difference). Normal anti-alias fonts work.

Since the default Openbox compilation does not support Xft 2, I sort
of hacked it. After I ./configure has completed config.h is modified so 
that XFT is defined and then I added a two calls in the Makefile to
The net result is that aa-fonts work, drop-shadows do not work.

GCC is RH8.0 gcc-3.2
libstdc++ is RH8.0 libstdc++-3.2
Xft is RH8.0 Xft 2.0
XFree86 is Rawhide XFree86-4.2.1

Either I have missed something trivial in the styles files (don't
think so but I am not entirely sure), or dropshadows fonts do not
work with Xft 2?

John Eckerdal                        the Assembly Gems page

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